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Was out in my backyard by the area we park our jeeps, talking to my brother about his 8.8 swap and out of nowhere a loud hiss starts. I just thought it was the compressor line/valve/connection got a leak since he had it out and full, blasting the axle. But my ears told me otherwise as it was coming from the direction of our flatbed. Walked over to look across because its in the driveway and check to see if anyone was messing with it and didn't see anything so we go around and the darndest thing. The valve stem gave out... just setting in the driveway... with no one near it. I understand this can happen, although I never have seen it myself, I surely would think on the road would be the more likely place to happen. I mean, this truck is driven a lot. Probably moves more than it sets these days, and loaded down heavy some too. Just seems weird of all times for it to go, would be after setting overnight with no extra heat or pressure on it. Not that I'm not grateful it didn't happen on the highway! Anyway, pulled it off, threw it in the jeep, and spent the day at the tire shop. Back to 70psi and rolling!

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If I had walked out and found that laying on the ground no way would I have thought that someone wasn't messing with my stuff.