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    Default Auxiliary reverse lights in stock bumper

    I came across two photos of XJ's with auxiliary reverse lights in the bumper and thought HMMM that's a good idea, out of the way and they look good.

    I've had the switch wire and power wire ran for them for several weeks. So I finally ordered my lights last week off ebay for 35 bucks. Dad helped me chop up my bumper today. (thank God for dads )
    Marked it all up. And cut the sides out with a 2 3/8" hole saw

    Then connected the dots with a die grinder. From there grind down to the perfect fit.
    I was planning on bedlining the bumper after the holes were cut out but time was running low so I hit the edges with some black paint for now.

    I'm normally very meticulous and prefer soldering but I was feeling extra lazy today and figured I could go back if I ever have any problems down the road and solder the connections. But for now I am rocking the very professional yellow wire for power AND ground, crimp connectors, and electrical tape to seal it all up.

    I didn't get any photos wiring up the relay. But the POPS convinced me that I should hook the lights up to come on with the auxiliary lights so he came back over and showed me about that diode life . Got it all hooked up and realized I must have grabbed an old relay from the shop because it doesn't work properly. So once I actually have a fuse holder to hook up the power wire properly and a working relay I will post some photos of the light these babies put out

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    Default Re: Auxiliary reverse lights in stock bumper

    Looks sweet! I have only seen them in aftermarket bumpers before

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