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    Default '88 Cherokee 'Pioneer' Trans.

    Hi All, newbie here. Just picked up another one. '88 Cherokee 'Pioneer' I-6, A/T, with Meyers sno-plow. Bought it 'not running' very rusty. Did I say it was rusty? My buddie says, the only thing holding the seats in, is the carpet... Anyway, I bought it for a possible low budget, off road plow truck. The first thing on my list is to see if the engine runs. I had to spring for a reman starter, but after pulling the plugs, spraying 'PB Blaster' into the cylinders, rolling over for a couple 30 sec. spells... I cleaned & reinstalled the plugs, and vrrooom, she started right up with loud exhaust, trans. & brake lines spewing fluids. The good news is, it seemed to go right into forward & reverse. I've got plenty of work patching up lines and sheet metal. The tranny looks like GM, (rectangular pan), and I assume the engine is a 4.0L. Was this made before the Mopar buy out? I wonder if the oil filter is AMC or Mopar...??? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: '88 Cherokee 'Pioneer' Trans.

    Look on the passengers side front corner of the trans pan for a metal tube that comes out and shoots straight up; that is the dipstick tube of the AX15 (?) Jeep auto trans. They have hard lines running to the trans cooler that are coupled at the front (right below the harmonic balancer) with soft lines that are notorious for leaking. PS...There are numerous posts on this site that show what the 4.0l 6 looks like so you can start identifying things quickly, and lots of super-knowledgable peeps that can help with the more subtle details such as operating system, setup, etc .Good luck!
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    Default Re: '88 Cherokee 'Pioneer' Trans.

    I'm not sure there is a GM tranny that would fit without adaptors at both ends. This is an AW4 pan in basic black, which is why it was off
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