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    Default R/C 4.5 long arm build

    I should be receiving my kit in the "mail" 17th Dec. I have been talking with NW99XJ he proposed that I look for some local gents that would be interested in a jeep build project. I'm up here in Gresham, hope to start this build soon. I plan on making video and pics all the way through for future use. Other mods such as front locker looking at the lokka locker"JEE-FO-135Front Dana 30, 27 Spline" Durango steering box upgrade/C Rock brace, mines going bad and a good time to upgrade. Hey let me know if some of ya want to participate in some evening work parties and a weekend or 2!!

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    Default Re: R/C 4.5 long arm build

    We'll get it done man.... This is going to be a good build... I cant wait to see the transformation.
    It's going to be so bad ass!!!
    ...By the way...lets get some "before" pics up!
    5" lift, 33's. Armored, Lighted, Chipped, & Locked up Front. Soon to come: winch, gears, axle shafts, and more...
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