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    Default $4, $3, $2, $1 Wholesaler Closeout Wiper Blades at

    A competitor switched suppliers for their private label wiper line and created one of the best Wholesaler Closeout bargains for RockAuto customers ever! First-quality wiper blades and refills made by Trico, including the latest "beam-style" blades and specialty products like Winter and Teflon blades, are now available priced under 4.


    1 or less for OE Metal Refills and Twin Rail Metal Refills
    2 or less for AeroVantage
    3 or less for Heavy Duty Blade, Winter Blade, Exact Fit, and Winter Teflon Blade
    4 or less for Teflon Blade, Classic Blade, Teflon Shield, Innovision, Contour BB, and Neoform

    Some of these wipers made by Trico originally cost more than 20! It is the perfect time to replace the wipers on your vehicles or stock up on the wipers your customers will need if you're a professional mechanic. As with all Wholesaler Closeouts, quantities are limited so get them while you can! Find wipers for your vehicle under "Wiper & Washer" in the RockAuto catalog.

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    Default Re: $4, $3, $2, $1 Wholesaler Closeout Wiper Blades at

    Ordered.....blades for the wife's van and my XJ... under 12.50 with shipping.
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