It's been a little while since I posted welcoming all our new members.

I guess it's partly because it feels a little corny, you know guys with rugged off road Jeeps being nice without an arm punch or a face tattoo.

We started this little experiment 4 years ago last March. We started it for one reason. We didn't like how members were treating members, and moderators were treating members on other Jeep Cherokee sites. Instead of complaining about it on those sites, we just started our own.

Hopefully you've already noticed we don't flame people here. We don't tell you to search and we certainly don't tell you the post is old (inferring how dare you for adding to it.)

I know I've never understood why anyone that goes through the time and trouble to set up an Internet forum would do ANYTHING to discourage someone from posting.

I've notice several new people posting questions, pictures, and even pitching in with their own answers to member's questions!

If you ever see a post where someone has broken the above rules (including me) send a PM to a moderator or administrator. We'll fix it.

Don't worry if you're the one that makes the mistake, we'll just talk to you privately through private messaging and let you know where you went off the rails, in our opinion. Our goal here isn't to run anyone off but to help everyone get along, have fun, and convey some useful information.

If you like the site please tell your friends, oh and we could use a lot more activity on our Jeep Wrangler site, Same rules apply there!

And, as always, thanks to our long term members. Some have been here and very active the entire four years!

If you're not already aware, we have a Jeep Cherokee podcast called the XJ TALK SHOW!