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    Default Gulches ORV PARK - Mega 4x4 Challenge, April 27 2013

    Trying to prove there are still places to go off-road in SC other than your own yard....

    The Gulches ORV park, located in Laurens, SC will be holding a 4x4 Challenge on Saturday, April 27th, 2013.

    More info can be found here:
    2003 WJ Daily Adventuremobile
    1985 MF 250 Tractor (Fixed!!!)
    1999 XJ (in pieces in the driveway)
    1991 Explorer (Cracked Heads)(Stock, for now )
    1989 F150 (In progress-Blown freeze plugs)
    2003 Explorer 1.5" body lift, F150 towhooks, rare OEM skidplates, 265/70-16 Cooper Discoverer AT3's
    1979 K20, (in pieces in the yard) 350, NP465, NP205, Custom Rust Patches
    1970 C30 (tires tore open by bushhog)

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    Checked out the pics looks like you got some descent wheelin there
    Be ware of my BIG DOG complex

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