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    Default Re: Goofs mistakes or otherwise bonehead moves.

    Quote Originally Posted by nickyg View Post
    Well I did it again!
    I wanted to relocate my vacuum reservoir from my bumper to inside the engine bay.
    I pulled a nice slim one from a mini van at the junkyard.
    found a nice place to mount it .. / ..

    It fit real nice

    Looks the same as a TJ wrangler one .... I put my TJ one, on the XJs crossmember,

    .... didn't mess with the hood support at all ..

    Now .... as for goof mistakes and otherwise bonehead moves ....

    ..... agreeing that a 40ft long, 2ft high, stone wall ... would look nice, in the yard,

    Is probably one .. ..
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    If my jeep is going to be a grocery getter it's at least going to be a friggin awesome one.

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    Default Re: Goofs mistakes or otherwise bonehead moves.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpttuna View Post
    worked on my 78 Bronco one day using a7/16 wrench. I dropped the wrench in the engine compartment. The wrench never hit the ground. I was dumb enough to spend one hour looking for that wrench never finding it.
    I think I found your wrench, want me to send it back to you?
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    Default Re: Goofs mistakes or otherwise bonehead moves.

    Stepped over the tow chain still attached to the jeep a dozen times today, thinking I need to disconnect that before I drive it. Um..... I didn't. I'm sure not only did the neighbors appreciate me opening up the throttle and speeding through the neighborhood to see how fast it went. But the shower of sparks coming from the 20 feet of chain left them shaking there heads.
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