For those of you that have listened to the most recent shows you know that we have started a new segment called "Jeep Tips!" All of the tips have been from Steve, 4.3LXJ with one from Josh, NW99XJ.

The intent of "Jeep Tips!" was to create a interesting simple tip that anyone can do to their Jeep. Also the intent was to hear from a wide array of people not just one or two.

So if you have a Jeep tip, this is your chance to share it on the show. Please consider being involved with the show. It will make other people think that if you have the courage to do it, then they will to, and just like the forum you never know what we may learn in the process.

You can send me a private message here, or e-mail to, or called the 24x7 questions and comments line at (530) 675-4102 and leave a message. Just need to know who you are (along with your xjtalk username if you are a member) and how to contact you if you are leaving a voicemail.

The Jeep tip segment can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes long, so don't think your tip is too simple.