View Full Version : Looking For a Few Parts!!

10-29-2010, 12:15 PM
I am trying to collect the remaining parts I need to complete my 4.5" lift on my XJ. Below are the remaining items I am looking for if you guys happen to have any of them laying around and you want to clear up some space and would be willing to ship the parts (I would pay for shipping of course) let me know.

Adjustable trac bar that will cover a 4.5" lift
Shocks that will cover 4.5" lift
TC drop for the 231TC
Brake line extension brackets (or just longer lines)

10-30-2010, 10:31 AM
as far as the brake lines go ... you can unbolt the bracket on the front lines and straighten out the metal tube and gain about 3 inches dont bolt it back... as for the rear line go under the jeep on the driver side you will see another steel line that is formed and goes through a routing thing kinda behind the fuel filter remove the hard line from that bracket and that will give you about 6 inches of travel... I have a 6.5 inch lift and the rear is still set up this way... but because I have longarms I had to go with longer front lines but when I was at 4 inches that setup worked fine when you get shocks though just make sure you get 4 inch shocks so that you wont pull the brake line the shock will prevent it from breaking but like I said I never have had an issue with the rear line

10-30-2010, 10:33 AM
as for shocks man Id just buy new ones... then you know that they are still good plus they are fairly cheap... a set of 4 from 4wheel parts is only 135 for the ES3000 I paid 167 for my ES9000...
Trac bars are ALL OVER ebay, youst remember that a track bar from a TJ will also fit and one from a ZJ

10-31-2010, 09:08 AM
Got a line on a trac bar (thanks to BigJim) and a TC drop (so will wait on those items for now)... am going to pick up either the Rusty's 4.5" shocks or RC's 4-6" shocks... both priced the about same, and both pretty much the same shock... so will most likely just pick up the ones for the lift from Rustys. Then as far as the brake lines ( I may have had a light pop up in my head... I may actually have all the required parts for the extension already at home, so will have to check for sure when I get back home. So in the end I may just need to pick up some new longer U-bolts for the Ch 8.25 axle. I was going to try and update my original post, but it won't let me.

On a different note, does anyone know how is the best way to remove the old bushings from the rear springs, and install a new set?? I am thinking that I need to replace at least one of them on the springs before I install them... will make sure when I get home..