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10-18-2010, 12:02 AM
I have a 92 cherokee, and if you know me you know I hate chrome. So I. would like to do an even swap, my chrome for you black. My chrome pieces are in great shape, and would expect the same. So let me know what you got
here are the best pics i have of the mirrors and handles

10-18-2010, 12:17 AM
WARNING: If handles are the same there as they are there you have about a quarter turn berfore the bold snapps off look for grand cherokee handles and follow the below instructions on how to mod the GC handles to fit an XJ

Anyone who has ever had XJ and have had issues with the door handles keep reading. If you have ever tried removing or replacing used exterior door handles you know the 10mm nuts will in evidently break the stud off the door handle. I have only ever had 2 come out successfully EVER! So what's that leave a person with? $tealer$hip?? Big bucks! Aftermarket parts? Tried that and they didn't fit worth a s#it. So now what to do? I tried almost ever door handle at pick-n-pull and broke what others had left behind (sorry). At my wits end and it being too late to mod a different car/truck handle to the XJ , I saw a early 90's grand Cherokee. I eyeballed up the handle on the ZJ. And well physically it seemed the same approximate size and shape it was a bit different. So what the hay why not try removing them and retrofitting them to the XJ,.. What can it hurt? So I fit it to the XJ and low and behold the studs lined up but one issue the mechanical s on the interior of the Handle are reversed, so I tried swapping the XJ mechanical bits to the ZJ handle. Still no luck now instead of pushing down to open the door it lifted up. Dammit! So I cracked a cool one and thought about just running the door handles upside down but that looked stupid. So one more cold one and my brain fired,... If the work upside down swap the mechanical s from one side to the other. EH VOILA we have a wiener!

So coles notes :
-ZJ handles
-have a cold one
-XJ mechanical bits
-pop the top on a frosty
-swap the XJ mechanical s from one side to the other
-hit the fridge for a bevvy
-install the XJ handle mechanical s onto the ZJ handles
-enjoy a wobblie pop
-install handles on XJ

10-18-2010, 12:26 AM
Thanks I may give it a shot. I just made this thead in case someone really wanted these chrome ones. If not I will just sand them down and paint them

10-24-2010, 04:36 AM
Well after reading many other forums over the last two years of ownership of my XJ... going to say that I don't think anyone wants the Chrome ones... it seems like everyone is in the same boat as you Jim...