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Brad 96XJ
07-04-2018, 11:38 AM
Hi guys and gals,

Figured I would take a step back from random posts and do a full intro to me and this Build.

If you can't tell from my screen name, my name is Brad and I have a 96 XJ. I'm From Central PA.

Ive built 2 XJ's in the past (an 89 and a 96) and did a full frame off resto of and 84' CJ7 with my dad


I recently acquired another 96'From a friend for $300.

Now before you think this was a steal... here was a few things wrong with it when I got it.

-Broken exhaust manifold (most likely from the broken motor mount)
-missing tail pipe
-rotted out battery box
-trans x-member was welded to the uni frame:crazy:
-ball joints were shot
-front axle u-joints were shot
-inner axle seals were leaking
-brakes were shot-
-leaking gas tank
-trans from a 97' was wired in wrong so it was not shifting properly
-tires were shot
-the front lift was 2 3in steel pipe couplers with 2 in coils and stock control arms ( yeah they drilled holes in the lower control arm brackets to try to move the axle forward)
-the rear lift was 2in blocks and 3.5 in drop shackles
-no bumpers
and I'm probably missing some things.

we have a big local event here in PA every august at Rausch Creek Offroad so my intentions are to have this thing done by then. (The jeep rolled in my shop middle may, and the event is august 10th.... doable right?!?!)

This xj will be mostly a trail rig so I am paying a little more attention to trail manners instead of road manners.

Brad 96XJ
07-04-2018, 02:18 PM
Up to now i have done most of the usual things, Fixed everything that was wrong with it from the previous owner
Starting from the beginning:

First Step was to remove these obnoxious lift blocks in the rear.... the aluminum was all mauled and deformed. it was only a matter of time till that axle spun and messed some stuff up.

I picked up a set of s10 leafs and made a bastard pack from my top leaf and the entire s10 pack

Next I made some shackle relocation brackets.


With so much shackle and the combination of brackets it wanted to push the axle forward and rotate the pinion angle up. The pinion angle was actually right about perfect for when i did my SYE and used the CV Shaft. I did need to move the axle back though to keep my wheel clearance in the wheel well. So I drilled another hole in the top ubolt plate to accept the pin and same on the perch which gave me about 1.5in which was just about perfect.



07-05-2018, 07:48 AM
That's not too bad of a deal as far as getting a mostly solid XJ to start a build with.. Looks like progress is happening pretty quickly and rapidly... I can definitely see you making your goal completion time, and look forward to seeing the progress of the build/rebuild!!