View Full Version : ZJ Steering Brace Clamp with Sector Shaft Support Bearing

08-31-2016, 01:16 PM
We recently came out with our XJ/MJ steering box brace. We got a lot of questions about it fitting on ZJs.

Well we are actively designing one for the ZJ that will work just like the XJ/MJ design and will elminate 99.99999999999% of lateral steering box play.

We used a dial indicator to measure just how much play there was in the sector shaft. 1/8" of an inch in either direction!! Thats a 1/4" of play total!!!!! No bueno!

Check out the video on our facebook page to see just how much play the needle really shows!


You can check it out the XJ/MJ Steering Brace here.

If you want to be on the pre-order list for the ZJ brace send me an email

09-14-2016, 03:30 PM
Working on the final touches for the ZJ Steering Brace. It will be much like our XJ/MJ Steering brace except with a few different bends here and there. Also an option for Swaybar Drop brackets.

This design looks pretty slick if you ask me. Check out our sweet new logo laser cut into it :patriot:


10-06-2016, 09:22 AM
Picking up a pallet of goodies tomorrow. Order now before everything gets eaten up!