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10-11-2015, 07:07 PM

So I have been doing a lot of research into exhaust systems, Mort is too loud for my liking, and I want to go dual pipes out the back with larger diameter pipes all the way back. I run a Borla header right now, and have no issues with it, but in my research I have decided to build my own header to match the stroker.


As you can see I did a quick mock up of the block and bell housing flange, and the pipe will fit under the highest point of the tranny.

After a ton of math I have decided on 1.75 od primary tubes, unfortunately I can only get them 31" long due to space constraints. Most likely will build this out of stainless and tig it together hopefully it will do better than an aftermarket header. Everything on this header has be designed to produce torque at as low of RPM as possible, around 3000, and to scavenge as much as possible.


I went with a revolver style merge collector with a Venturi into 3" od pipe to get to just in front of the fuel tank, then splitting into 2, 2" od to clear the rear coils and exit out the bumper, I haven't chosen a muffler it resonators yet, still researching or tips.


Oh and I even test fit it into Rinzler!


So what do you think???

Having 4WD means getting stuck in more inaccessible places!

10-11-2015, 08:56 PM
Looks nice Pook. Will the driveline clear it. That front driveline is always a problem, even for a 4.3

10-12-2015, 01:09 AM
I am fairly sure that the driveline is fine, still have to test.

Toying with an idea to move the collector to the passenger side, thus giving longer primaries, calculations called for a primary length of 50 to 80 inches, the longer the primary the lower the peak torque RPM, but 80" seems crazy to get a PTR of 3000 RPM. But this would also allow a longer collector.

I need to model the block and pan better to get an idea, of how to run the primaries under to the passenger side, also have to take into account the amount of bends, but might be worth a look. And redo all my calcs to make sure.

And I am probably just chasing ghosts anyway!

Having 4WD means getting stuck in more inaccessible places!

10-12-2015, 01:58 AM
Looks like a pretty nice setup... Been looking at headers myself, to replace my craptacular cracked stock manifold, and figure might as well get a little bit of a boost out of the purchase @ the same time... just wish they weren't so darn expensive for what they are!!