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09-04-2015, 07:30 AM
Picked this up from a guy though CL, needed some TLC. Basically a project his son had started and ran out of money. Daughter saw it on CL and said "Dad, would this be a good one, I like the big tires." What cold I do.... I drove an hour and a half and negotiated it down, handed over some cash, signed the papers, and now it's hers. I've been doing some wrenching on it as needed, and she loves it. Calls it her "baby". Basically is't a 2002 Overlander, 2-1/2" lift on top of the stock 1", running 17" rims, Yokahoma 255's, and they still rub a bit after some front "trimming". She likes that it's black, can carry 4 friends, and all their soccer junk, bikes, or whatever, Momma likes it is build like a tank with airbags, and I like that it has front and rear lockers that work great!

09-04-2015, 09:08 AM
The WJ is becoming the new XJ. Been looking at them myself

XJ Wheeler
09-04-2015, 05:58 PM
Congrats! Nice looking Overland. I can imagine your excitement when she said she wanted a lifted jeep. :D

2002 was the first year for the Overland model. It had many upgrades, High output 4.7l V8, rock rails, skid plates, rain sensing wipers, and a few more things. I remember looking at them new. Sure was nice!

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09-05-2015, 06:10 AM
That's a nice looking rig.. and certainly glad that your daughter picked out a nice looking lifted Jeep over any other choices she could have gone with.. I also have been looking at the WJ's quite a bit, and was trying to find one when I had to give up my XJ a few years back, but was unable to find one that wasn't trashed, rusted out or apparently made out of 14k Gold. Looks like a very clean and nicely setup WJ to start a long life with!! Now I only hope when my little one (not yet born, until roughly New Years), gets old enough, she'll choose a Jeep too!!

09-06-2015, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the nice words. I was hoping to get my hands on my son's XJ when he finishes up with College and decides to get something a bit more economical, but the longer he keeps it, the more he thinks he can't get rid of it. Might change when good ol' Dad isn't around to maintain it????? But now I have a nice backup. And what a different rig! I had no idea what an Outlander had on it till I got it home and started wrenching on it. And after a bit or wrenching, the only thing I would change for myself would be the transfer case. But it's the only one for my little girl. No questions, just go. If you need more traction, it gives it to you.

And on this note, the first time she slipped a wheel in her "new" ride, she reached down to lock it in 4 wheel, and realized it didn't have the "lever" like the XJ had. That's when I realized she knew more about offroading than I thought... kinda made me cry a little. So she made a few attempts at backing around one of her friends cars through my friends yard, and never let the lockers grab. As soon as she would slip a wheel, she would pull it farward and try again. Dug a pretty big hole before getting out. So we had a lesson on how hers works, and I summed it up with, just stay on the gas and steer it.

I will get it all next winter, as she will be going off to college, and her Jeep stays here. :rolleyes:

09-07-2015, 03:47 AM
Well if nothing else keep letting son know that if/when he decides to part with it, to let you know.... Cause chances are if he is finding it harder and harder to think of letting it go, then if he does let it go, he'll regret it (trust me I know for a fact)... and at least he'll have a better chance of getting it back, or at least knowing it's being taken care of and having some visitation rights with it...

09-08-2015, 05:47 AM
My daughter came back this weekend and her WJ was dirty. She had gone to the lake with some friends to watch the sun set. My baby girl is growing up....