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04-24-2014, 05:34 PM
Actively looking for a few things; All to be used on 95 XJ 2 door. Used is ok but must be 100% working....Pm me with info and terms and we'll see if we can make a deal.

1. Tow hooks

2. Full Gauge cluster(with tach and 4 gauges not idiot lights) must be 92-95.

3. Factory alloy wheels.....looking for set of 4 or 5.

Wish list: also looking for a used front bumper with grille guard and winch mount...have to see what budget looks like next month before committing to that...

05-09-2014, 12:52 PM

05-09-2014, 01:23 PM
Alloy wheels I would check out Craigslist, should be able to find a set for $100. First thing I do when I get into work in the morning is search "Jeep" on CL autoparts. I see factory XJ/TJ alloys pretty much every day.

Been looking for the factory tow hooks in the yard for months and still haven't found any. Might consider checking out virginiafabrication.com and his stubby winch bumper, that way you would get your front recovery points+ the ability to add a winch all for the price of what a lot of people will charge for a used winch bumper, although this doesn't have the brush-guard like you requested.

I might be able to help you out with the gauge cluster, there are 7 92-95 XJs in my favorite yard right now. I'm sure one of them still has the full gauge cluster. I think they're $25 there so it would be $25+shipping from Orlando, FL.

05-13-2014, 10:33 PM
I'll be in Orlando in june....pm me the yard info and I'll try to make time to swing by...

05-12-2016, 11:43 AM
I have a full gauge cluster from a 95, kinda dirty