View Full Version : UFWDA had new Director of Environmental Affairs

11-07-2012, 08:54 PM
The United Four Wheel Drive Associations is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Jason Church as the Director of Environmental Affairs. Mr. Church as brought a level of enthusiasm to United that organized four wheel drive as a whole has not seen in decades.
Mr. Church was barely confirmed by the United Board of Directors and he had already started to work with a communication with the USDA Forest Service in a professional manner that will most certainly regain the respect that the United Four Wheel Drive Associations had historically maintained with our Federal Land Managers.
Below is Mr. Church’s personal introduction and plea to the rest of us to make a difference. As you can see, he is most certainly one of us with a love for recreational four wheel drive that runs deep with his family.
“Hello fellow off-roaders concerned with Land Use, which should be ALL off-road enthusiasts. I am transitioning into the role of Director of Environmental Affairs for the UFWDA. To give you a little background, I am 42, graduated from MSU back in 1992 with a degree in Finance, have lived in Perry, Michigan my whole life, have 2 kids (Josh 20 and Rebekah 15), have worked at USDA Rural Development for 20 years as the Director of Administration, and have always owned a 4-wheel drive vehicle but am new to the OHV experience/community. My wife, Michelle, and I got our first Jeep Wrangler (2012 Rubicon Unlimited) in April and have been attending many events and experiencing the many trails of northern Michigan all summer. We put over 10,000 miles on the Jeep already! One of the first things I noticed as we studied maps and GPS was the growing number of roads/trails/routes that are being closed on public land. This concerns me very much. Public land is for (responsible) public use. It is my concern that environmental extremists have taken over the process and their agenda is to shut down all state and federal public lands to recreational use. The Green lobby is very strong and growing. I need your help. I need your help, especially since I am new to the off-road community, in learning more about the issues you face as it relates to Land Use. But we also need your help in being proactive and involved in fighting this battle to retain public lands for recreational public use. Get involved. Vote. Encourage your friends to join this mailing list and become a member of the UFWDA. Talk to your fellow off-road enthusiasts but also the hunters, fishermen, snow mobiliers, and other outdoor sportsmen that have a shared, common goal of maintaining, regaining, expanding our right to access public lands for safe, responsible recreational use. We also need to work with the very environmental groups and gov't agencies that are shutting down our access, we need to educate these groups to help them understand that we Tread Lightly, that we have the same goals of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. We want these trails to be safe, clean and maintained for future generations too.”
“We elect the public officials that pass (or repeal) the laws that govern state and federal lands. Gov't bureaucrats then administer/interpret these laws/rules/regulations ( I know, I'm one of them!). If we work together, make our voice heard, and coordinate with like-minded groups, we can take back our right to access public lands and reverse the environmental extremists rigid agenda.”
“Contact me. Let's work together.”
Jason and Michelle Church