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  1. Custom Winch Bumper by Detours (detoursusa.com)
  2. LED Rock Crawling Lights
  3. Dome Light upgrade to LED - Simple Stuff
  4. How to Install a CB Radio in Your XJ
  5. How to install Detour's Backbone.
  6. Distributer Cap Connection Repair.....
  7. Get to know your starter.....
  8. Fuel pump replacement.
  9. Home brew snorkel
  10. HD (Heavy Duty) Fan Clutch Upgrade
  11. Re routing the Safari Snorkel Airhose
  12. Cleaning Your Neutral Safety Switch
  13. Transfercase Swap and Rubicon Express Hack 'n Tap SYE Install
  14. Hood vents
  15. Rough Country 4.5" Long Arm write-up
  16. Steering column tear down and repairs
  17. My tube flare
  18. How to change your Injectors - 1998 Jeep Cherokee - 4.0L
  19. 1997+ Electric Fan Override Switch
  20. Flushing and bleeding your coolant...
  21. Fender trim... with a stock look
  22. How to tint your windows.
  23. Jeep 4.0L Head Removal, Repair, Replace
  24. Convert a DETOURS BackBone to a Custom Full Bumper
  25. How to change rear wheel bearings
  26. REAR Doorless Conversion for XJ
  27. How to set driveline pinion angles
  28. Homemade Roof Rack without Welding
  29. Electric Lock Control Repair (DDM, PDM)
  30. Taurus Radiator Fan Upgrade
  31. How to build a three or four link suspension
  32. Nutsert!
  33. RuffStuff Dana 30 3/8" Differential Cover Installation
  34. HD Offroad Engineering Shackle Relocation Install
  35. How to build a lockable roof top spare tire mount (welding optional)
  36. Throttle body spacer install
  37. A/C - Pulling a vaccum without an external pump
  38. Cleaning Throttle body and IAC
  39. Rear Hatch Release Mechanism Adjustment
  40. How To Rebuild/Recondition Headlight/Dimmer Switch (97+)
  41. Switches Gone Dark? Here's The Fix/Upgrade (for 97+)
  42. 97+ Peramnent Fog Light fix. LONG
  43. How to check OBD (I&II) codes without a scanner
  44. How To Install Detours Tailbone!
  45. Easy Permanent Fuel Pressure Gage
  46. Storage Area for your XJ
  47. Home made headlight guards
  48. Rusty LCA Alignment Adjuster FIX!!!